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Funding Changemakers as if Change Matters

Social Entrepreneurs to the Rescue In our time of transition, moving to the Digital Era connecting us globally, storytelling has reemerged as the way to sell consumer products, to gather investors in startup companies, to change government policy, and to address long unmet environmental and social conditions. Social entrepreneurs are among the best of these […]

Monoculture Thinking is Unnatural & Unhealthy
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Monoculture Thinking is Unnatural & Unhealthy

Biomimicry pioneer Janine Benyus has wisely observed that Nature is a design studio, where optimizing sustainability (of planetary lifeforms) and resiliency (navigating climate, species and extraterrestrial impacts) comes through millions of years of adaptability experiments. Nature Values Diversity Nature relies on multiple species to sequester carbon and improve nutrients for soils in vastly different climates […]

Jerusalem, Middle East Peace & Money
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Jerusalem, Middle East Peace & Money

October 26, 2010 at the Koret-Milken Institute in Jerusalem offered Urban Logic the opportunity to present research on using using interfaith ethics to tag money, and in that way bring greater understanding and tolerance to the various religious groups in and surrounding Israel. The Koret-Milken Fellows are impressive, and go on to occupy major leadership positions […]

What is a Very Impactful Person?

On the morning April 8, 2014, Stanford Graduate School of Business’ Very Impactful People course had an emergency:  A scheduled speaker had come down with the flu and had to cancel her talk.  Shortly, an “Urgent” flagged email arrived, asking for Urban Logic’s founder to substitute for a class two hours later. This talk, to […]

Welcome to Urban Logic’s new website!

Welcome to Urban Logic’s new website!

It’s taken longer than we imagined, but finally our WordPress website is ready for primetime. Please let us know what you’d like us to add, fix and collaborate on! ….. The site is still very much “in beta test mode,” so please excuse the punch list items and let us know anything you’d like us […]


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