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Funding Changemakers as if Change Matters

Social Entrepreneurs to the Rescue In our time of transition, moving to the Digital Era connecting us globally, storytelling has reemerged as the way to sell consumer products, to gather investors in startup companies, to change government policy, and to address long unmet environmental and social conditions. Social entrepreneurs are among the best of these […]

Istanbul: before the next earthquake
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Istanbul: before the next earthquake

Istanbul sits smack on top of some of the Earth’s most active seismic faults.  A city of nearly 14 million, the risks of repeating past earthquakes exceeding 7 in magnitude, threatens rich and poor alike.  Current USGS projections, show the vulnerability maps, with devastating clarity. The geology of how this region formed explains what is happening […]


Migration Storytelling

Amidst the rancor in Europe and the United States over migration, its risks and how to contain or adapt to it, the world is witnessing the rise of new nationalist movements. Against this background, Urban Logic began researching the history of migration, and how migration stories are told, mythologized and forgotten. Along with other nonprofits […]

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Space Commodities Exchange – a new frontier

The space economy is estimated to be $330BN, growing to perhaps $3TN in 30 years. To service initially government, and increasingly private sector, needs for launch, telecommunications/bandwidth, imagery, scientific research, fabrication and other activities in low earth orbit (LEO), traditional and new aerospace and aeronautics companies are developing the rockets, satellites, energy, cameras and other […]


Semantic Money® – Tagging money with intention

Fiat currency printed by governments or crypto-currency mined by computers.  Spending rewards issued by credit card companies or retail brands. Impacts reports by socially responsible investment mutual fund families or foundations. What characteristics differentiate these forms of money?  Each has an accountancy focused on the math of input-output, with a sliding scale for the holder’s and user’s right of […]


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